Quality Policy

Our company has made the sale of the ixx X-RAY RADIATION PROTECTIVE LEAD BRAND bibs are certain to be subjected to periodic testing . In this evaluation and testing that have made you a better and safer protection aims . Our quality policy is our main priority is to protect effectively against radiation . In line with this goal by being constantly updated , we aim to provide you with better service . This is in line with our objectives , our company has been certified by various international and national companies . Radiation Protective cap production of our products we have European Standards , Norms and Personal Protective Regulation doAYrultusunn Uluslarasar are produced . Every product sold in our company , PRODUCTION AND FABRICATION 2 YEAR WARRANTY against defects . Because, we are working for you . And everything we do to be worthy of your trust until the end of our business to declare that we are behind .
Our Company Certification Organizations and Certificates :
CE Marking, ” European Conformity ” means ” ConformitA� EuropA�enne ” consists of the initials of the words . CE Mark, European Union , technical harmonization in the context of 1985 has adopted in the New Approach Policy prepared under a section of New Approach Directives of the products covered is related to the product of the EU directive on the compliance and that all the necessary conformity assessment activities now showing that is a sign of unity .
CE marking, does not provide a consumer with a quality assurance , only the product , indicates that the minimum security conditions . CE mark , indicating compliance with EU technical legislation of the product is an official mark .
Ixx X- Ray Radiation Protection CE compliance with the quality of our products as we are .
ISO ” International Organization for Standardization ” is an acronym formed by international standardization organizations and simgeler.A�so 9001 Certificate of quality management standard , a standard that defines quality management system is effective . When this standard provides requirements of organizations may receive the ISO 9001 certificate .
ISO 9001:2008 : ISO 9000 standard by the ISO revised every year and in line with the views of practitioners and needs made a��a��necessary revisions are published again . 2000 number of this revision made a��a��in 2008 , shows that the version published is history.
Hooray for Medicinal Products and Medical Supplies in San . Tic. Ltd . Sti. are subject to ISO 9001:2008 quality management certificate .