Front Protected Lead Aprons

Front Protected Lead Aprons

Lead Aprons

25 Mart 2014

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a�? Radiology provides maximum protection for employees.
a�? Protects all body parts on an equal footing.
a�? Every body is made a��a��according to the.
a�? Color choice-making facilities are provided.
a�? European standards were produced.
a�? There are pocket dosimeter for ease of use.
a�? Support include shoulder pads.
a�? Optionally 0:25 and 0:50 pb pb is made.
a�? Rear side of the cross is attached with tape.
a�? Quality test reports are available.
a�? Ergonomic structure.
a�? Erasable and fabrics are coated with liquid propellant.
a�? 2 year warranty of our products is available.
a�? Lightweight material is made of lead.
a�? allows for comfortable movement.
a�? Lead aprons are making our breakage and loss


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