Fully Protected Lead Apron

Fully Protected Lead Apron

Lead Aprons

31 Mart 2014

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t Fully Protected Lead Apront Fully Protected Lead Apron

a�? Front and back side provides maximum protection.
a�? Front 0.50 pb, 0.25 pb rear side protection.
a�? occupies the front and rear part of the body maintains the same confidence.
a�? Comfortable for the possibility of movement of 10 cm is shorter than the rear portion.
a�? With lumbar support belt load in half.
a�? the shoulder is located bearers.
a�? In terms of ease of use has 2 pockets.
a�? In various body sizes and colors are produced.
a�? First and second-year warranty against manufacturing defects.
a�? Aprons X-ray film is taken regularly each month.
a�? Request specific pocket, belt etc.. Sail logo can be made
a�? On the front side with a belt buckle system is locked when closed.
a�? The fabric is made from stain. Liquid-tight.
a�? Ultra-lightweight materials are used to lead.
a�? a long period of time you can use our bibs





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