Lead Apron for Patients

Lead Apron for Patients

Lead Aprons

31 Mart 2014

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During the patient’s x-rays do patients use protective lead apron should be provided. Our apron in this model is designed for the patient’s gonads products, products designed for the chest area , surrounding the patient’s abdomen radiation protective cover consists of lead . Various sizes and models sold in our patient protective lead apron provides maximum protection against beam at . Inpatient and outpatient built our models can separately for shooting .
Brand Lead ixx special nanotechnological materials used in the manufacture of linen produced with the system and quality tests are performed world- recognized radiation protective material used . Thanks to these features provide many years lifetime and does not fracture . Ixx Brand sales that we have done our protective apron protective value by choosing , 0.25 pb or can also be made as 0.50pb . In dentistry, protection of the patient to do well in the shooting is important. For this reason, a patient specifically designed for dentists A�nlA?kmodeli protective lead is available. This is due to the ergonomic design of our model does not bother the patient , the patient’s thyroid in the imaging area and wrap your body, the patient’s right to be obstacles to get . Protection of the patient is very important in dentistry . We must remember that , in dentistry procedures performed pursuant to the x-rays more than other patients are treated the same . Buddha remain under the same patient shows that too much now . Our easy to wear a lead apron , detachable properties. Bib used in the design of the body with shoulder pads to support and lessened the burden on the waist , waist support saAYlamaktadA�r.g Assuming that the length of the worn on the body and reduces pressure on the shoulders . Brand sales that we have done ixx protective lead aprons for our patients according to their models from a wide range of bodies found in the body can choose


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