Lead Aprons Skirts Vests Model

Lead Aprons Skirts Vests Model

Lead Aprons

31 Mart 2014

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Model is composed of two pieces of lead apron skirt vest.
a�? Front side 0:50 0:25 pb pb rear protection.
a�? Ergonomic structure.
a�? adapts to every body.
a�? Various sizes and colors are available.
a�? the shoulder is located bearers.
a�? Maximum protection.
a�? Ultra-light material is manufactured.
a�? Lead the material does not dry and flaking.
a�? There are pockets for ease of use.
a�? The liquid impermeable fabric is coated.
a�? 2 year warranty of the product is available.
a�? are regularly subjected to quality test.
a�? Quality test reports are available



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