Protected Front Back Lead Aprons

Protected Front Back Lead Aprons

Lead Aprons

31 Mart 2014

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Front and back protection model is a preferred product. A maximum in protection against radiation protection. Bib with international norms of protection are specified in the norms of protection in front, while the back portion of the wrap in the back portion of at least 0.25 Pb protection. Brand preliminary protective aprons ixx models in order to use the more comfortable you are produced in various sizes. Our front and back protective lead apron Brand ixx you still use a variety of features in order to use the more comfortable they are presented.
Size options can take advantage of. You can also color preference at. Our easy to wear a lead apron, removable feature is on, the inner and outer parts of our gowns are pocket dosimeter. Due to this feature, now exposed on the inside and the outside environment exposed to the beam at y and can easily detect.


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